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Presentation Skills

Technologies used: Screencast-o-matic, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Powerpoint.

During my first year of University, I was asked to produce a short presentation on the topic Future Trends, which would be formally presented to my peers within class. I decided to research web animation for my topic, and produced slides on Microsoft Powerpoint. In order to make the slides more appealing, I added a short video showreel of websites that use web animation, I did this using screencast-o-matic and Adobe Premiere Pro.

The feedback I received from my peers was very positive, stating that I was very confident in demeanor and had researched my topic well. Additionally, several of my peers said that they liked the animation and video content which made it more interactive. The constructive feedback suggested that I could have made the presentation longer, however we were given a set amount of time which I met. Additionally, it was suggested that I add more images to the presentation, I agree with this as some slides looked slightly plain.


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