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Spraypaint Art

During my final year of study I encountered a module titled, Creative Design Futures. The brief for this module was simple, it required that a discipline be chosen and mastered to produce the highest possible quality of work. No limitation was placed on the potential selection of a discipline, so spraypaint art was a great possibility.

From the initial planning of the project I had decided that I would challenge myself, but it took many weeks to discover just how far I would push my skills and learning. It was only after seeing a friend’s airbrush art that I finally decided on my discipline, spraypaint art. This was a subject that I had never covered before, but after much research I turned a foreign skill into a usable skill.

To respect my ability as an artist, this project was developed alongside advice from the module lecturer. It was he who suggested that the project be part research, and part artefact. As such detailed research documentation would be created alongside four A2 sized artefacts.

The production of these artefacts chose a modern science fiction theme, which included many references to popular culture. The digital design of these assets took inspiration from spray paint artists such as Banksy, and Blek Le Rat, who used stencil art to create masterful graffiti artwork. This helped to produce digital artwork that could easily be broken down into stencils for spraying.

Each stencil contained several layers, which would serve as stencils. These were applied to A2 card stencils and cut accordingly. The digital stencils were intentionally of a flat design, to support the cutting of stenciling and spray colouring.

The final sprayed artefacts were of high quality, and are something that I am incredibly proud of. My artistic nature and background served well, and the skills I developed during this project will be invaluable to future professional and personal projects.

It is important to note that almost every object within each digital and sprayed artefact has been created bespoke for this project. The only software used in creation of these digital assets was Adobe Photoshop, the majority of the project used physical skills and equipment.

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