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NEST Taekwon-do

As the Assistant Instructor and Webmaster for NEST Taekwon-Do since 2015, I have been responsible for managing the organization’s digital presence and enhancing its online brand. Here are some of the key achievements and features of my work:

Website Development and Design

  • Oversaw all aspects of the website, including design, development, content creation, and maintenance, to ensure an engaging and user-friendly online experience for members and visitors.
  • Implemented various features and functionalities, such as event registration, online payments, and a members’ portal for accessing resources and updates.
  • Utilized my skills in HTML5, CSS3, JS, and other web technologies to continuously enhance the website’s performance, responsiveness, and accessibility.

Social Media Management

  • Created and managed social media accounts for NEST Taekwon-Do on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Developed and executed social media strategies to increase engagement, reach, and brand awareness among target audiences.
  • Created and posted regular updates on upcoming events, gradings, and other Taekwon-Do related activities to keep members and followers informed and engaged.

Event Coordination

  • Coordinated various Taekwon-Do events and activities, such as gradings, seminars, and competitions, using online tools and platforms.
  • Developed and managed event registration systems, payment gateways, and other logistical aspects to ensure smooth and seamless execution.
  • Collaborated with other instructors and staff to create engaging and memorable experiences for participants and spectators alike.

Online Branding and Promotion

  • Ensured that NEST Taekwon-Do’s online platforms and messaging aligned with the organization’s mission, values, and goals.
  • Created and implemented various online branding and promotion strategies to increase visibility, reach, and engagement among target audiences.
  • Utilized data analytics and user feedback to continuously improve and refine the organization’s online presence and messaging.

Overall, my work with NEST Taekwon-Do has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience, combining my passion for Taekwon-Do with my skills in web development and digital marketing. I am proud to have contributed to the organization’s growth and success, and look forward to continuing to support its mission and goals in the future.

Evolution of the NEST Website

The NEST website has undergone various transformations since its inception in 2015. Originally built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, it has since been redesigned and updated multiple times. The latest version of the website is built on the WordPress platform, providing enhanced functionality and a more user-friendly experience.

In addition to website development, I have created various documents for NEST, including welcome procedures, membership databases, and legal documentation such as media releases and privacy policies. Recently, I have also developed the school’s legal policies, registration, and data handling procedures to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

Check out NEST’s official website.

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