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Sports Direct

A highlight of my education was a final year group module, titled Client Focused Business Solutions. The live client for this module was SportsDirect.com, who tasked my team to design and prototype a web application, to update and improve upon their existing application and increase the company’s digital presence. As project manager, I led my team to create a unique solution to the clients specifications, using the Prince2 methodology. The clients chose our solution as the winning product, out of 9 teams.

A key aspect of feedback from the clients was that our team was in regular communication, and we presented ourselves in a professional manner. Our communication with the client was key to producing a bespoke solution to the client’s brief. We developed a unique rapport with the client, which was of great benefit for the project.

Our final solution was a culmination of each member’s dedication to providing quality work to meet the client’s requirements. This consisted of an in-depth prototype, which was designed using a combination of Balsamiq wireframes, Photoshop, and Marvel prototyping tool. In final presentation, additional physical designs were deployed for the scratch card and loyalty cards, which was a unique selling point for our project and received incredibly well by the clients.

Prince2 methodology was used throughout the project, as project manager I found this to be a great methodology to use, and it directed the required documentation well.

The client chose my team as the winners of the project, and the resulting publicity can be viewed on the Teesside University Press Release for the project.

Client feedback from the project included:
“Consistently brilliant throughout all the meetings.”
“[the team] always came up with innovative ideas and suggestions”
“We were always surprised after each consultancy meeting about the unique ways the team presented their solutions and the high standards of materials presented”

The final documentation consisted of 659 pages, and is available for viewing. Generation Awesome Final Documentation. For this module I received a total mark of 85%, based upon three areas: reflection, consultancy skills, and end product & documentation.

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