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Taekwon-do Learning App

This is a martial art learning application for Taekwon-do students, created for a final year project and dissertation. Providing knowledge, techniques, and guidance for beginners learning the art. Knowledge is documented in digestible content, using bespoke videos, images and content. The content is based upon in-depth research, and knowledge from experts, which provides the most up-to-date knowledge available.

Professional quality high-resolution videos were created as a bespoke key feature of the app. A expert Taekwon-do martial artist was brought in as an actor, to perform the required patterns and techniques. This was edited together using Premiere Pro, and deployed to the YouTube streaming service for inclusion within the app.

The application’s core interface is built upon the Yii2 PHP MVC framework, to provide a back-end content management system; this allows the updating of content by any approved persons. The front-end system uses Materialize CSS alongside HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. This was extended using Adobe PhoneGap, to deploy the app to an Android application format.

The final application was deployed to the Google Play store, and is available for download. The application has received positive feedback from users, some of which attribute their successful Taekwon-do grading to the application’s content.

The first public release of the application remains a BETA version. The project will be developed further to extend features and provide more detailed information. However, this requires time, additional persons, and experts in Taekwon-do martial arts, all of which are necessary to to progress the application to a commercially viable product.

Download the Taekwon-do Learning application (BETA) on the Google Play store.

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