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The focus of the latest RxDesign website is on showcasing portfolio items, with an emphasis on written blog-style content to provide context and background information for each project. The website is based on the WordPress framework, which allows for easy management and editing of portfolio items and associated blog posts, without the need for extensive coding or website development knowledge.

RxDesign was initially created in 2016 as a requirement for a first-year university module. The website was produced with the secondary goal of being displayed at the 2016 Teesside University ExpoTential event. During the event, it won the TechCom award for communication and technical ability.

The website was originally built using the Bootstrap framework, and included several key frameworks such as the Lightbox JS menu and Parallax.js. The coding was bespoke aside from the framework. In 2017, the website was updated to use the WordPress content management system. This allowed portfolio items to be easily added and edited without the need for recoding the website each time. Additionally, the inclusion of a blog and other features was made possible.

Click the link below to view the initial 2016 version of RxDesign:

View Rx Design Website, version 1

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