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Jack and the Ancient Box Game

Technologies used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash CC, Adobe Audition, ActionScript 3.

This animation was created in my first year of University for a module titled Interactive Animation. I was required to produce an animation containing a narrative and three puzzles: a keyboard navigation puzzle, a clickable object puzzle, and a click / drag puzzle.

My story was developed around children’s emotions and how they deal with them, as such the story features a young boy and his journey through dealing with his emotions. My research included experience from my own children, my family’s, and my friend’s children. In addition, several articles and books were consulted on children’s behaviour and emotions.

All of the assets were hand drawn and digitally mastered in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The music and sound effects were externally sourced and edited to suit the game’s needs. Animation and programming were developed using Adobe Flash CC (2016) and ActionScript 3.

This game was required to be packaged to AIR format, and SWF, which have limited support. For demo purposes, I have included a link to the game below. Please note that this project used the previous version of the Adobe software, and is designed to package to AIR / Flash. If the link fails to load, it is because your browser no longer supports Flash. As such a video of the game has been included.

Play Jack and the Ancient Box


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